6 Best ChatGPT Apps for Mac in 2024 (free and paid)

Discover the best ChatGPT apps for macOS in 2024, perfect for professionals, students, and tech lovers to improve their workflow.



Dec 28, 2023

6 Best ChatGPT Apps for Mac in 2024 (free and paid)

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT applications have become a must have tools for professionals, students, and tech enthusiasts that want to supercharge their productivity.

Whether you are looking to improve your workflow, boost your writing capabilities, or simply explore the new capabilities of conversational AI, this blog post is made for you.

We have thoroughly researched and hand-picked a variety of ChatGPT apps for macOS, and selected the best ones.

Ready to see which apps made the list? Continue reading to find out how each one could fit into your current workflow and take your productivity to new heights.


PaletteBrain is a powerful and customizable ChatGPT app for Mac. It lets you use ChatGPT easily by pressing a shortcut key, so you don't have to keep switching between applications and copying text.

The application lets you create your own prompts templates and assign shortcuts to them.

PaletteBrain works with all Mac apps and helps you get more done by adding ChatGPT into your existing workflow.


PaletteBrain Pros

  • ✅ Create customized prompt templates to automate common actions (e.g: grammar correction, summarization, or code refactoring)
  • ✅ Activate PaletteBrain and insert AI-generated responses directly into your apps with customizable shortcuts.
  • ✅ Works with any application on your Mac, blending AI capabilities into your current workflow.
  • ✅ Save your chat history locally and continue exactly where you left off.
  • ✅ Full control over your preferences (AI model, creativity level, etc..).

PaletteBrain Cons

  • ❌ You need an OpenAI API Key.
  • ❌ There is a bit of a learning curve to learning the shortcuts.

PaletteBrain Pricing Plan

PlanOne Time Payment

Download PaletteBrain by clicking here and explore its capabilities.


MacGPT is an application that integrates ChatGPT into macOS, enabling users to use ChatGPT from anywhere on their mac. It features a Global access point, inline text field insertion, menu bar access, and combines web or native interaction options.

Users can also use their voice to interact with ChatGPT instead of typing.


MacGPT Pros

  • ✅ Conversation mode enables voice interaction instead of typing.
  • ✅ Integration with the ChatGPT Plus account.
  • ✅ Inline text expansion withing external applications.

MacGPT Cons

  • ❌ Inline features do not work in some popular applications.
  • ❌ No chat history.
  • ❌ No customizable prompts templates.
  • ❌ Functionalities are limited.

MacGPT Pricing Plan

One time payment of $21.12 for a license.


IntelliBar acts as an on-demand assistant for Mac users, making it possible to use ChatGPT within your macOS applications. It enables you to perform tasks like summarizing information or editing content, all from the convenience of the application you are currently using.

The applicatoin is free during beta, but you can pre-order the full version.


IntelliBar Pros

  • ✅ Minimalistic design.
  • ✅ Has a 'Read' feature that allows users to have text read out loud.
  • ✅ You can save and access your chat history.

IntelliBar Cons

  • ❌ Currently in the beta phase, which might mean it’s not fully stable.
  • ❌ Restricted set of features compared to more established products.
  • ❌ It is not possible to create customizable prompts.
  • ❌ Not compatible with Azure OpenAI.

IntelliBar Pricing Plan

One time payment of $29 for a license.


WriteMage is an application built for macOS and iOS that offers the ability to integrate ChatGPT natively into any application on these two platforms. With WriteMage, you use ChatGPT in a floating window, similar to Apple Spotlight.

It provides rich features like contextual awareness, a memory function for in-session continuity, chat history and allows you to customize prompts.

The application is currently free while it is still in beta but you can pre-order the full version.


WriteMage Pros

  • ✅ Offers the ability to create your custom prompts for specific uses.
  • ✅ Remembers the context of a conversation across sessions.
  • ✅ Stores your chat history locally on your computer.

WriteMage Cons

  • ❌ The application is currently in beta, which might imply potential bugs and instability.
  • ❌ It will not be free once the beta ends.
  • ❌ Basic and limited functionnalities.
  • ❌ Does not support the latest OpenAI models.

WriteMage Pricing Plan

Yearly Plans

PlanPrice Per MonthBilled Annually

Monthly Plans

PlanPrice Per Month


MindMac is a ChatGPT application for macOS. It is focused on providing a native and user-friendly interface for macOS users to interact with ChatGPT and other AI models.

MindMac is also customizable, and offers features like inline chatting, prompt templates, and conversation organization tools.


MindMac Pros

  • ✅ Inline mode to use ChatGPT on any application without switching windows.
  • ✅ Includes over 150 built-in prompt templates.
  • ✅ Customizable settings for a personalized experience.
  • ✅ Can be used with several AI models (OpenAI, Gemini, etc...).

MindMac Cons

  • ❌ No text-to-speech feature.
  • ❌ No quick access with Apple Spotlight like search feature.
  • ❌ No speech-to-text feature.
  • ❌ Learning curve steeper than other applications.

MindMac Pricing Plan

PlanOne Time Payment


Atua is an application designed to integrate ChatGPT into the Mac environment, enabling users to use ChatGPT with a single shortcut. It aims at reducing the need to switch between apps for accessing ChatGPT.

With a focus on customization, users can set predefined commands and assign convenient hotkeys.


Atua Pros

  • ✅ Allows you to create custom prompt templates.
  • ✅ Saves your chat history locally.
  • ✅ Customizable shortcuts to trigger your templates.

Atua Cons

  • ❌ Not a lot of fuctionnalities compared to other alternatives.
  • ❌ Does not offer a text-to-speech feature.
  • ❌ You can't select the AI model you want to use for your templates.
  • ❌ Does not support GPT-4 Vision

Atua Pricing Plan

One time payment of $19 for a license.


In conclusion, while there are several great ChatGPT apps for Mac available in 2024, PaletteBrain stands out as the best fit for who want to improve their productivity. Simple, efficient, and seamlessly compatible with macOS, PaletteBrain is the go-to choice for users looking to use ChatGPT on the Mac.

Using a ChatGPT app on your Mac can significantly enhance your productivity. These tools are designed to provide assistance with various tasks using the power of conversational AI.

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