Metaphor Generator

Discover the perfect metaphor with our free online metaphor generator. Enter your topic and watch as our tool generates a creative metaphor instantly.

How to use our free metaphor generator?

Using our metaphor generator is really easy. All you have to do is type your the topic into the input box and press on the "Generate Metaphor" button. Wait a few seconds while our AI is generating a metaphor for you.
This tool is completely free to use, and can be used directly on this page, without having to download an app.

What are metaphors?

Metaphors are a way to describe something by comparing it to something else, without using words such as "like" or "as." They help us understand and picture ideas better.
For example, saying "the classroom was a zoo" means the classroom was very noisy, agitated and wild. It does not actually mean that the classroom was filled with real animals.
Metaphors allow us to make our words more interesting and can help explain things in a simple way so that people can easily understand what we are saying.